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Coprocessors/Arithmetic Units

The world is developing every single minute, following "digitalization era". It wouldn't be possible without improved system organization and efficient computing algorithms, that have added to the reliability, a high-speed processing. Great variety of computations in every computer system, force the use of subsidiary processors - popular coprocessors. They are capable of computing a selected small subset of operations at a very high speed.

DCD's coprocessors and arythmetic units, thank's to its advanced improvements enables even more computations. For example, our solution replaces directly C software functions, by equivalent, very fast hardware operations, which significantly accelerate system performance.  Average speed improvement, which amounts even 162%, speaks itself. Taking this into consideration, this apparently unsignificant element, can enable computers to meet large volumes of real-time operations. Animation, electronic design, telecommunications, space research and innumerable other ones wouldn't be possible without them.

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